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About The Photographers

The infamous rock photographers listed below are acknowledged as the best in the business. Recognized for their high visibility in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, magazines, movies, album covers, galleries, and Hard Rock Cafes throughout the world, their photographs are considered to be among the most extraordinary images in rock and roll history.

Click on the rock photographer's name to browse through the brief bio of each photographer. Then, click the link that will take you to their personal website where you can view all their incredible shots and, if you choose, make a purchase. Please note that any watermark or copyright information
on the image will not appear on actual photos.  


Remember to check out our featured photos for a great deal on a great rock and roll photo! Enjoy the time of your life viewing rock history and collecting great memories!



Richard E. Aaron


Fernando Aceves

Robert Altman

Jorgen Angel


David Corio

Ian Dickson

Henry Diltz

James Fortune


Jill Furmanvosky

Lynn Goldsmith

Bob Gruen

Astrid Kirchherr 

Robert Knight 

Elliott Landy

Karl Larsen

Janet Macoska

Gered Mankowitz

Jim Marshall

Ron Pownall

Mick Rock 

Ethan Russell

Gene Shaw


Barrie Wentzell

Timothy  White


Baron Wolman


Robert Whitaker

Important:  All images are copyright protected by the owner / photographer.  Please click on the Legal link for further details.



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