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Lynn Goldsmith


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Sex, drugs and rock Ďní roll! Sure itís a
cliche, but few have captured more of rock, pop, and funk musicís essence
than celebrated photographer Lynn Goldsmith, whose insights and images are the focus of PhotoDiary, a new site in Nikonís Legends Behind the Lens


The site features Lynnís book PhotoDiary, which takes you behind the
scenes with her stories about the photo sessions and personal experiences
with such music legends as Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Kiss, Bruce Springsteen  and Patti Smith.


In addition, Nikon presents a multimedia section to the site where one can
view video clips of Lynnís television interviews by Bill OíReilly or Robin
Leach. Lynn speaks openly and honestly about her life both documenting and
creating images of the musicians who have influenced so many.


ďLynn Goldsmith has had a long and lustrous career of photographing celebrities and rock musicians, both household names and rising stars. Yet, in every portrait, she is able to capture something intimate or personal in the performer. Thatís why Lynn Goldsmith, who has shot some of musicís most notable icons, is herself a legend in rock photographyĒ said Tracy Mack-Jackson, a Senior Manager at Nikon Inc.

An award-winning portrait photographer whose work has appeared on the covers
of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, People, Time, Sports Illustrated, to name a few,
Lynn Goldsmith photographed some of the most influential people in entertainment, sports, and politics of the past 30 years, including Muhammad
Ali, Milton Berle and Hillary Clinton. Lynn has contributed to over 50 books
and has published eight of her own, one of which hit the New York Times Best
Seller list.

View more of Lynn Goldsmith's photos at: or or


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